The Tribulation is Rising!

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be - Matthew 24:21

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be – Matthew 24:21Please excuse our “mess” again.  The time has come for the next series of updates.  We will be moving a few pages around, adding a few new pages, and any other upgrades the Lord requires.

If you click on a link and get a message that the page is unavailable, that means the page is under revision, or is in the process of being broken into it’s key pieces and moved into other pages as evidence for what is in those particular pages.

The final goal of Trib Rising is to be ready when the time of the tribulation actually comes.  As such, it will always be in a state of upgrade until the Lord brings the completion of the total project. ~~

“When Bible prophecy matches modern possibilities you will know the end is near.”

I penned those words as I worked on an article that was the forerunner to this site.  Little did I know just what the Lord had in store for me.

It was not long after that the Lord moved me to “revise” the article – or so I thought.  Turns out my small revision was to take on a life of its own.  By the time I began to write the pages for this site the project had morphed from an article into what you see now.  What started out as a prophecy study article has turned into a post-rapture checklist and confirmation site for those that should find themselves on the wrong side of history.

*** Note – check back on this site from time to time.  As I complete additional research I will make revisions.  Also, I will make improvements to the text and wording from time to time as well.  Improvements will come to the flow and presentation as I am able.

The purpose of this site is threefold:

First – it is a confirmation to those that miss the rapture that they are indeed in the tribulation – or soon will be.

The matter-of-fact checklist style for some of the pages are designed for easy reading and quick answers.  As you read through you will understand the importance of quick answers.  The pages that utilize a narrative style will be fluid in their presentation.

Second – it will serve as a confirmation to those that are receiving revelations from the Lord prior to the rapture. 

Third – I cannot emphasize this enough.  This site stands as a final warning to those that refuse to hear and accept the word and will of Christ.  The Lord is giving you one last chance to come to salvation.

Your time is just about to expire – literally.

In the final days prior to the rapture the Law of Separation will be completed upon the earth.  It is a time where men are separated according to the abundance of their hearts.  It was not just believer from unbeliever, but believer from believer as well.  Those believers that do not overcome for Christ nor have faith in the promise of his coming are separated from those that do believe and overcome.

This separation serves a singular purpose – to give man over to those things in his heart so that all would truly deserve the judgments that would soon befall him.

Many of the believers that are still seeking answers are given the revelations of God to direct their paths.  This site will serve as a secondary confirmation to the things that the Lord has shown them.

With that, let’s discuss the inner workings of this site and how best to utilize the format and information.

Where it all came from.

Biblical scholarship consists of three primary efforts.  These would be the study of the scriptures, the study of the scholarship of others that have been inspired of God in their efforts and the revelations of God given to the individual student to tie together the first two.

So it is with my work as well.

You will see all three represented in the pages of this site.  First, the Lord has guided my path as I have delved into the scriptures for many years now.  In particular, he has directed the current efforts for this project very closely and revealed things I had never seen before.  The scriptures literally jumped off the page with fresh insight as I embarked on the task the Lord laid before me.

There has been a great deal of prayer behind this project, especially when considering the works of other scholars.  There are many different interpretations to nearly every subject in the Bible.  There are some tremendous scholars as well, some of which you will recognize as you read through the pages of the site.  While they are far too numerous to name, scholars such as Perry Stone, John Hagee, Ken Ham, Bill Cloud, Mark Biltz, Jack Van Impe, Jonathan Bernis, Chuck Missler and Walid Shoebat are but a few of the resources I considered in the overall study for this project.  I cannot emphasize this enough – with each source considered for study you must go to prayer first.  Your trust is in the Lord above all when considering the validity of a particular scholar.

Third, the Lord provided me with a “rolling revelation” with which to tie the pieces together.  I refer to it as a rolling revelation as it came piece by piece, many times dovetailing with the particular subject I was currently studying.  As with most Christians, the Lord gave me a specific set of revelations that deal with a particular area or specialization of prophecy.  Stated differently, every Christian has particular areas with which they are better suited to study more than other areas.

The rolling revelation can be described as many “minor” revelations that guide my studies and three primary revelations to which the bulk of this work is tied.  Of the three primary revelations the first was a confirmation of revelations that the Lord had delivered to other scholars (the Lightning Revelation).  The second was core revelation given to me to tie together what other scholars had known instinctively, yet had not been given a final voice from the Lord to share (The timing and the Ten Days of Awe).

However, the best and worst day of my spiritual life center upon the third and final primary revelation.  It is what I call “The Final Warning” and it is one of the pages on this site.  This is a revelation that the Lord continues to expand as well.

What the Lord revealed to me was a first account revelation, meaning I am the first to be shown what the Lord wanted to share.  What came next was a revelation so disturbing that I struggle with it even today.  It is what I refer to as a “final piece” revelation in that it provides a final piece to questions many hold with regards to the end times and the tribulation.  On one hand I was greatly grieved to learn what I learned.  On the other hand I was humbled beyond words that the Lord had chosen me for this.  Usually, such first account revelations go to the “big boys” in the faith.  Yet, for reasons unknown to me the Lord decided I was the proper vessel for this word.

Considering what we just discussed, this does not mean that there are no revelations and understanding in the other areas of prophecy.  To the contrary, all scripture is profitable for study.  It simply means that our particular makeup and design endears us to greater understandings of some things above others.

To the accountant may go an understanding of Biblical economics.  To the military officer may go a deeper understanding of the conquest of Canaan.  To the one time addict may go the understanding of the healing nature of Christ.  Sometimes, we find that our areas of expertise may be completely unrelated to any professional endeavor, yet center on personality traits that suit us to a particular discipline.  You get the picture.

The same fundamental holds true with our individual callings as well.  Many times it is the area of our greatest failures wherein we find the calling of the Lord.  This is based upon the greater understanding of a thing that is gained through trial and adversity.

I have found that my particular strengths revolve around a mixture of personality, professional experience and knowledge.  The professional experience was the greatest surprise.  I never imagined a background in electrical engineering technology would help in the understanding of all thing “tribulation” – least of all the rapture.

But alas, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

***  This site will serve as a database for the continuing study and research that the Lord gives me on the subject of the end times and Bible prophecy.  As with any database, Trib Rising will be updated as new information is given, and new revelations revealed.

Many of the older pages contain foundation teachings.  They may have been received with one understanding in mind, yet they were meant for use with later teachings.  Such is the case with many things in the Lord.  Many doctrines in the Bible take years to understand, and the Lord gives us the pieces in His time – usually based on our own ability to understand them.

As time goes forward, revisions will be made to this project.  Each revision is a database update.  This will continue until the Lord determines Trib Rising is complete.  When the time comes, Trib Rising will be exactly what He intended it to be – an accurate, concise listing of what comes in the tribulation.

Stated differently – the Lord will continue to give me material to add and revise, until the rapture comes.  When this happens, Trib Rising will be ready, and in it’s final form to use as a resource during the tribulation.

How this site works:

Each of the pages on this site deal with a specific aspect of the tribulation.  These are the most questioned areas of end times prophecy and the subject of many questions.  Taken together, the pages combine to create an overall picture of the tribulation.  Here are some of the formats you will find here.

Ease of reading organization.  This site is designed to “cut the clutter” that seems to invade many prophecy websites.  Either a site seems to have to little scriptural references or they absolutely litter the material with the references in no particular fashion resembling organization.  Understand, this does not mean the information in the site will be wrong.  It simply means that either the site became too heavy and unwieldy to read or lacks enough of the scriptural references to allow the reader to advance their own studies.

As the Lord revealed the format for this project he made it absolutely clear that it must flow and be clean in its presentation.  If a site becomes over bearing or cluttered then it will not get utilized.  It must have the scriptural references for proof of content and scholarship, yet they cannot “obstruct” the flow of the individual pages and articles.

The material presented must be comprehensive, yet limited in scope.  It must provide a solid understanding of the subject yet cannot take an hour to parse through.  Many pages that take longer than ten minutes to read loose their effectiveness.  To this end each page has undergone multiple revisions to shorten the content yet maintain the effectiveness of the presentation.

There are pages here which are more in-depth and of greater length, but these pages will likewise flow in their presentation.

Point by point listings.  These are designed to list the individual elements of a particular subject of the tribulation such as the judgments of the first 42 months or the actions of the two witnesses.  The point by point listings are designed as numbered charts that can be laid one on top of another so to speak.  You can literally lay the lists side by side and build the overall picture.

Scriptural references.  The scriptural references for most of the pages are located either at the end of the narrative for easy reading of the content.  Also, while there are detailed evidence pages covering particular subjects such as the rapture, each scriptural evidence section is simply a listing of the consulted scriptures for each subject.

This is critical to understand – most concepts in the Bible are evidenced through the principle of line upon line, precept upon  precept, here a little, there a little.  That is the core concept behind the scriptural references on this site.  There are few concepts in prophecy which are contained in singular scriptures.  To the contrary, more damage has been done at the hands of those that seek and utilize individual scriptures to present a particular doctrine.  The laws of hermeneutics requires that any doctrine established in the Bible must contain at least three different scriptures.  Single verse doctrines are to be discarded as incomplete and unproven.  Furthermore, single verse scriptures are a tactic of false teachers and undisciplined scholars with their own designs.

Stated differently – if someone declares “truth” to you while failing to provide more than a singular scripture you must ask your self why.  This is a premise that also holds true when engaging in debate as well.

Also, to study the scriptures requires word studies and an understanding of the Hebrew heritage of the Christian faith.  It can be difficult to ascertain the meaning of many scriptures without a firm understanding of the historical context of the author in question.

The scriptural references are designed to point you in the right direction for your own study.  They are not – however – designed to spoon feed those that simply desire a quick one scripture proof to justify their own dogmas and approach.  Much of the information on this site will be controversial and some will be heart wrenching to read.

One final note:

Offense is the single greatest evidence that you need to re-examine a particular position in which you ascribe.

Stated differently, I know many people that have just as many opinions on Biblical prophecy.  However, there is a difference between holding a position based solely upon study and refusing to abandon a position to which your are personally vested for your own reasons.  Indeed, no major Biblical scholar holds the exact position today as they did when they started their studies.  The question is not the particular position held by a scholar, but rather or not they are willing to revise that position in light of solid evidence to the contrary.

If the knowledge of God is your first priority you will not be offended by a differing position.  You may genuinely disagree but you are not offended that someone may hold a difference of position.

However, if you are genuinely offended by the material contained on this site then I submit it is not the material itself.  Rather, the offense stems from a defensive response of the sin nature in you that cannot let what you read here take hold.  If something in you screams that what you have seen here is heresy, the work of a false teacher, a deception, doctrine of demons – or any other negative connotation that tends to get thrown around by those without the moral fiber to actually consider the material and set about a genuine study and defense of their own positions – then it is time to look at yourself with regards to deception.

One more thing – this site represents many hours of prayer, research and revelations of God.  Most of all, it represents a great deal of study in the Word of God.  If you want to disagree with what is in here it is your right to do so.  At the very least consider one final statement before you close the book on the site:

If all you have to offer in response is a singular verse – without context – then you need to seriously reconsider exactly why you hold that particular position.

After all – I have heard just about every feasible one verse response out there.  Most of which are debunked through the natural course of this presentation.  The only position which I do not devote any significant time to is the Margaret MacDonald 1830 rapture deception.  The first time I seriously decided to look into this claim I was able to find no less than seven church Fathers prior to 1830 that taught the rapture going back as early as the second century.  This “discovery” took no more than 15 minutes to accomplish with a basic Google search.

Here is a link to one of the best articles I have seen on the views of the rapture:

Here is a link to a page that can provide some insight:

Also, here is a link to Rapture Forums.  It is a tremendous site covering many aspects of the soon return of the Lord.


Anyway, here is Tribulation Rising.

Yours in Christ,

Richard Kendrick

I also write as Lucius Sulla



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