How Much Time is Left?

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?  Revelation 6:16-17

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
Revelation 6:16-17

About a week or so ago, I was walking in my upstairs hallway when a distinct thought occurred to me. The words “marrying, and giving in marriage” ran through my mind as though somebody had spoken them. I was thinking on things of prophecy at the time. I do not recall what exactly I was pondering as this happened. As it is with us all, I had been lost in random, undefined thoughts with no real purpose beyond simply thinking.

Within a moment or so, the words “days of Noah” also rolled through my mind. As it was the first time, it was as though somebody had clearly and intentionally spoke the words to me. By this point I was aware the Lord was showing me something. I have been down this road numerous times. Likewise, I also knew that such things come in pieces, as the Lord see fit to give them. This seemed to be the end of the matter and I continued about my business.

Several days later I found myself with the next piece of the puzzle. I had seen a piece on the gay marriage movement and yet another victory for them. It was the usual hit piece, designed to demonize anyone that should dare to challenge this brave and daring initiative. As quickly as it had happened the week prior, I once again found myself “hearing” the words of the Lord.

“This is what I meant when I said the days of Noah.”

I think it goes without saying – I understood that immediately. It cannot be missed. Still, I found myself contemplating what this meant. It did not take long to truly take stock of where the world currently sits with relationship to the gay rights movement, and especially the gay marriage movement. When I say world, I mean world. Aside from Muslim nations, the gay rights movement has entrenched itself in every other corner of the world. It has been the forward edge of a drive to normalize homosexuality, and every possible sexual perversion and deviation that the minds of man can imagine. When I really looked at the power they have achieved I understood.

They have become the giants of the western world. They have silenced the majority.

You know, when you really look at the gay rights movement and the militant Islamic nations – there really is very little difference between them now.

It did not take long for the next piece of the puzzle to come in. The word “Genesis” was the next word front and center in my mind.

This is where I started to get a nervous. I was seeing a pattern to what was being revealed. It started back when the words “days of Noah” ran through my mind. When I heard the word Genesis I just knew. This was not merely a confirmation of how far we have fallen. It was more. It was a warning – a timeline warning. It was a final warning. I knew that I would have to pull out the Bible to be sure. I had a strange feeling that I already knew where we were prophetically. So, that is what I did. Out with the Bible and away I went. It did not take long to confirm what I suspected. A confirmation that was also accompanied by a single word that shot through my mind – “abomination.” This time, an instantaneous understanding also filled my mind. I know knew exactly what the Lord was trying to tell me.

This is a good place to give you a couple back stories that go with what I have found.

First, let’s start with the Genesis timeline. I have spoken of this several times. It is a study of the Book of Genesis. You start at chapter 11 and go in reverse until you reach chapter one. We think of it as reverse – it is more akin to reading the Bible in a Jewish format. It is more of a “right to left reading”, much the way the Jews would read the Torah.

What you get when you do this is the history of the world, starting with the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. As you read through chapter 11 from “right to left’, you see the towers fall, men from the east, multitudes speaking the same language and other “strange” coincidences. As you read through the lower chapters you gain a growing picture of the world around us. The several chapters that contain the story of Noah and the Ark could have been written specifically about the last 15 years. You have everything from the recent increases in earthquakes to the floods and tsunamis. Katrina to Indonesia – and everything in between – can be found in the story of Noah:

Right down to the major moves of the Holy Spirit in the three white doves and the spirit of prophecy that has descended on the body of believers in the imagery of the raven. We even have a remarkable telling of the seven year tribulation in chapter four.

Though it goes without saying, I will say it none the less. If you know exactly where you are on the reverse Genesis timeline, then you will have some idea of how much time is left. More on this in a minute.

Now, for the second back story. Some of you are familiar with the story of the giants in the Bible. Some of you are not. In Genesis chapter six, the Bible tells us that a group called the Sons of God found the daughters of men to be appealing. These “sons” took these women and had relations with them. What they produced is a race of “mighty men of renown”, or the giants. Here is the nickel tour on what this was about.

From the creation of Adam until the giving of the Torah to Moses, there was approximately 2,500 years that passed – give or take. During this time there was no written record of God, His laws or even his name. The Lord would send rank and file angels to walk on the earth as men. Their task was straight forward. They were the teachers of righteousness to mankind. Since the advent of sin in the Garden of Eden, God himself could no longer walk with man to do this.

As time progresses, mankind grows and more children are born. This would include many daughters – daughters that being only two or three generations removed from perfection were quite something to look at. Look is exactly what some of these angels did. Likewise, Satan had plenty to say about it as well. It did not take long after this. Some of the angels (who were already in human form) fell into sin and into the daughters of men. Nine months later you have babies that are literally half human and half angel. They would grow to become the giants spoken of in the Bible.

The angels took these “daughters of men” as wives. Apparently, they did not believe in stopping at just one. They took their pick and away they went. Soon, there were more wives of angels and their children than there were pure human beings upon the earth.

This is what Satan was attempting to achieve as he whispered to these fallen angels. His desire was to breed out the lineage of Adam and the plan of salvation. He used two tools at his disposal in this plan – sex and children. His plan nearly succeeded.

Satan had such success that by the time Noah was born, the Lord had nearly decided that the only recourse was to annihilate the earth – and every last thing on it. By the time that Noah boarded the Ark, most of humanity was corrupted. When Noah left the Ark the world was cleansed.

Humanity had reached the point of no return. The corruption had reached such a point that humanity could not be saved from extinction. Left to its own devices there would be no more men – or men as God had made them. When Genesis 6:13 tells us that “that the end of all flesh is come before me”, this is what it means. This was not the declaration that God would destroy man. It was the declaration that mankind had now destroyed itself, and that there was nothing that could be done to stop it. This is why God chose to destroy the earth. It was already dead. This will become critical to the discussion of the Genesis timeline in the next few moments.

This story would play out yet again after the flood – though to a much lesser degree. By now, the rebellious angels where in chains, and the giants were dead. On an interesting note – what exactly happens to the spirits of the giants when they die, as they did in the flood? Did you know that there are no mentions in the Bible of evil spirits until after the flood? Also, remember that the giants are both human and angel. More on this in a second.

After the flood, the Lord still used angels to walk as men, but to a much lesser degree. Likewise, though a few did fall during this time – it never reached the pre-flood level. Noah spread the word of the Lord through his lineage – which included Abraham. When David took his first steps onto the pages of history, it was one of these remaining giants – Goliath – that David took down. During his reign, David would finish off the brothers of Goliath and end the line of the giants.

Also, it was the lineage of Noah – through his son Ham – that gave us Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. By the time of the tower, Nimrod had become mighty in his own right and despised God. Some of you already know that every false religion on earth can trace its roots to the Tower of Babel. Likewise, the knowledge of tools and warfare also trace their origins to Babel. When the History Channel runs programs detailing the possibility that “aliens” gave mankind “secret knowledge” – well, there is some “truth” to that.

Only, these “aliens” hail from a slightly different origin than Mars. When they show images of ancient civilizations that depict giants and “alien masters”, what they are showing is the influence of the giants – both while they lived, and after they died. Being half angel put them in a unique position. Remember, hell was not created for men – it was created for the angels that rebelled against God. Man was a later “addition” after the fall in the Garden. It was not until the flood that the unrighteous dead became an “issue” to be dealt with.

As the Lord confused the tongues at the tower, each newly minted “people” took their own collection of evil spirits, special knowledge and false religions that worshiped their new “gods”. These gods have spent nearly 4,000 years undoing what happened that day on the plains of Shinar. They have nearly succeeded. They have turned to the same tools that secured the fall of their fathers in the first place.

In an interesting turn of events, you may remember the story of Noah lying drunk and naked in his tent. His son Ham comes into the tent and sees his father’s nakedness. Did you know that when you break down the Hebrew word studies, the original language gives the distinct impression that there was a sense of “longing” conveyed in the way that Ham looked on his father? It was a longing that is associated with lust. This becomes important when understanding the Genesis timeline as a whole. It likewise adds back story to why the line of Ham would bring every false religion, idolatry and perversion into the world. It sets the scene for what would occur at the Tower of Babel and beyond.

By the time of the flood, what the fallen angels had done – and the offspring they produced – was the most affronted abomination before God. Abomination is a description that is reserved for one grievance alone.

To be called an abomination, a particular sin or thing must exist for the sole purpose of defiling God’s plan of redemption. If you create or participate in something that has – as its sole reason for existence – the undoing of God’s work in salvation, then you have an abomination on your hands. By definition, death is the only penalty suitable for an abomination. Some of you are already making the connection on this.

Now that we have covered a bit of the back story, what I am going to share will make a bit more sense.

When I went to confirm what the Lord had showed me, it made sense that I needed to start with the days of Noah. This brought me to chapter six in Genesis. There is something that must be understood here. For a warning of the Lord to take us automatically to chapter six is disturbing in itself. The Genesis timeline study starts at chapter 11. While it takes us back to 2001 for the start – chapter six does not leave much real estate in the Book of Genesis. It’s not hard to figure out that by the time you reach chapter three you are looking at the fall of Satan. Chapter three establishes judgment on the Antichrist and the binding of Satan. Likewise, chapter five is primarily lineage – though there are several key scriptures that are part of this warning. We will discuss those in a moment also.

At this point it is best to give a running narrative of what the Lord showed me. I looked at this twice. The first time the Lord gave me an understanding of what he had encoded in Genesis. The second time I looked at it I saw things I never imagined I would see. It was as though he opened my eyes. I started reading the Bible – in reverse – and the picture emerged.

Here is the narrative that the Lord showed me.

6:13 – I will judge the earth, says the Lord. It is filled with the violence of man. There is no turning back now. There is nothing that can be done. Man has reached to point of no return. “The end of all flesh is before me now”.

6:12 – All flesh is corrupt – nothing has escaped this corruption.

6:11 – This corruption has brought violence.

6:10 – There is, however, a righteous remnant from among the nations – the Jew, the Gentile and all others.

6:09 – This righteous remnant worships the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They turn and walk with God.

6:08 – They now find grace in the sight of the Lord.

6:07 – The Lord is full of sorrow for all that he has made upon the earth. Evil touches everything now – nothing escapes. Not the birds of the air nor the beasts of the field. No, not mankind either.

6:06 – The Lord is full of sorrow for having made man.

6:05 – The hearts and minds of men are now evil. Their imaginations and thoughts are of vileness and evil alone. Man is now the greatest evil upon the earth.

6:04 – Homosexuality has become the mightiest force upon the earth. Its perversion knows no bounds. It has sought after children and devoured them. It has rained perversion upon the daughters of men and they have fallen into the most vulgar of lusts. Those that wallow in the most abominable of sexual perversion, homosexuality and lust have become giants upon the earth. There is none that escape their grasp.

6:03 – I have poured out my spirit upon the earth for the last 120 years. The time of my presence has ended. Soon, I shall withdraw from the earth – and from man. I can do no more for man now.

6:02 – Now, mankind marries any that it so desires. There are no bounds that restrain them. They marry after their own kind. They are given even to the beasts of the field.

Not just the marrying of women.

This corruption has come now, even unto the men of God and the House of the Lord.

6:01 – At last, born from this corruption is great corruption. Great corruption now fills the earth. This corruption has spread unto the innocent, the soon born. Even our children are consumed.

All are now born of this corruption. There are none that can escape it now.

The two backs stories doubtless make sense now, especially if you have followed along in the Bible as you were reading the verses here. As the gay rights movement has advanced, they have devoured our children. They have embedded their ideology at every level of society. Now, their perversions have grown brand new generations that know not the God of their fathers.

However, the gay marriage movement is the final nail in the coffin. Understand that the plan of redemption is interwoven in God’s Laws of marriage. It was the marriage of God the Father to Israel that birthed Messiah. It is Messiah’s marriage to church that brings redemption. Marriage is the Holiest of all covenants. It is the covenant that brings life.

The gay marriage movement brings the covenant of death. It is an unholy abomination. Truly, man has reached the point of no return.

There is nothing which can stop what must shortly come to pass. I am asked if there is anything that we can do. No, there is not. It is unavoidable now.

At this point it seems cut and dry. We can clearly see that we are verse 6:1, right? Not so fast. The Lord then took me into chapter five. Given that this is a genealogy chapter I was puzzled as to what would be there. Turns out there are several verses that we really need to pay attention to in chapter five.

5:32 – The righteous remnant is called out from among the world and man. These are they that worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

5:31 – This righteous remnant is sealed with the Holy Spirit, and the times and seasons are confirmed upon their hearts.

5:29 – They have been given a great comfort. For they toil in the labors of their Lord, and minister to the cursed world.

5:24 – The time is come. God took the righteous remnant, and they walked with God. They received their new names and their royal titles.

5:22 – They walk with the Lord now.

5:03 – They were in the likeness of Adam.

5:02 – They are now perfected, male and female.

5:01 – They are once again created in the image of God, for they are created anew. They are in the image of God once more.

They are those that were found written in the books.

At this point, there are those that will doubt what this all means. Still, others will feel a fear in the deepest recesses of their souls at what they have been reading. Understand, the Lord is not the author of confusion. He took me just a bit further into Genesis. This is his confirmation at what he revealed to me. Let us look now at chapter four.

4:26 – After these things, man shall now cry upon the name of the Lord.

It was when I came to 4:26 that the Lord uttered another block of scripture to me.

Revelation 6:15-17 – And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

This speaks for itself. Continuing on:

4:25 – The Antichrist shall slay those that call on the keeper of the sheep. He shall have the spirit of Cain upon him.

4:24 – Let this be a sign, a confirmation that the 70th week of Daniel is now come. Let the 490 years be complete!

Let the 70th week begin!

Let the vengeance of Cain fall upon men seven times!

4:23 – Let all men fall that shall offend the spirit of Cain! Let all men fall that shall wound the spirit of Cain!

4:22 – Now, let the rod of iron fall upon men! Let the judgments of God falls upon the brass of mankind! Let the brass be beaten by the rod of iron!

4:21 – Let man wail as the harp and organ!

4:20 – Let it fall upon beast and home – let none escape the wrath!

4:17 – Let an empire rise. Let her children rise. Let Cain rise in his lands.

4:16 – Let him rise in the lands of Allah!

4:15 – Let every man die that should not bear the mark – the mark of Cain.

4:14 – Let all that should not possess the mark of Cain wander as vagabonds. Let them be fugitive, driven from all the earth and from every place. Let all that should not have the mark fall slain.

4:13 – Heap upon them more than they can bear.

4:12 – Let them without the mark starve. Let them find not a single fruit of the ground.

4:11-10 – Let brother betray brother, should that brother not bear the mark.

4:09 – Let no man keep such a brother.

4:08 – Cain shall rise against the righteous and slay them – wherever they are found. Moreover, he shall rise likewise against his own brother. He shall rise against the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He shall rise against Israel.

4:07 – And Cain shall rise above all men – indeed, above the entire earth.

By now you get the point. The rest of the Genesis timeline rolls on from here. It advances all the way back to the ages past, where sin did not exist. In essence, the Genesis timeline shows us that as it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end.

Here is the thing. When the Lord showed me this, it was not that Genesis 6:1 is where we were at. Rather, 6:1 was the marker in time, showing what had already occurred. To put it differently, we have passed 6:1 and now sit at 5:29.

How do we sit at 5:29? It is quite simple, really. Over the past year, myself and many of my overcoming brethren have felt something deep in our spirits. We have seen the differences between ourselves and everybody else become more pronounced. Our conversations have changed, and so has the way he have seen the world. In the past year our hearts have come front and center, and we have been given over to them.

We have experienced a love and desire for the Lord that is beyond anything we ever imagined. The Lord has cared for us, shown us the world around us and spoken to us. We have lost all real desire to even look upon sin and our minds rest constantly upon the things of God. Our jobs are nothing more than obedience to God. We work as the Lord commanded us to do so, that our families are provided for, and we strive to do our very best. Even that is about the Lord now, and not about the task.

We have understood for a while now that we were being separated. The Lord has closed up loose ends in our lives and called us to areas that were less than he wanted. We have tithed more, witnessed more and loved more. We can no longer think of any task absent the will and wonder of God. We have looked to the skies. That is not accurate. Rather, we cannot keep from looking to the skies. Our faith in the promise of the soon return of our Lord and King shouts within our very souls. It is more than faith now. We know his return is imminent and we have begun to long for it. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords – with all power in heaven and earth. He is faithful and just to keep that which he promised.

However, there is more. How do we know that we are at 5:29? It is simple, really. A peace has begun to descend upon the overcomer. There is no fear of the future for us. There is no apprehension. Each day that passes we watch, as more and more prophecy pushes against that invisible “wall” that restrains it, and keeps it from busting through. We listen as the world around us falls into deeper fear – wondering when everything will finally break loose. The world sits and wonders in amazement. How much more can the we take? How much more before everything breaks loose and the world dies?

The overcomer knows the answer to this. We know it in our souls. We are at peace now. Soon our Lord shall come and the restrainer shall be lifted. Every man will reap that which they have earned. They shall have no one to blame but themselves.

I want to ask you a question as we close. Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you have faith in his promises and his coming? Here is why I ask.

Through the entire Bible, there is a singular theme that resonates. It is faith and belief in Christ that can save. There are many that do not believe in Jesus Christ. Still, there are those that believe – yet they do not have a heart full of oil. Doubt and unbelief fights the Holy Spirit at every turn. To find the salvation of Christ and the promise to his bride takes a full faith. This comes from a heart that is full of oil.

Any doubt and unbelief in your heart displaces your oil. Two things cannot occupy the same space. Either you will have faith in your heart – full faith. Or, you will have doubt.

Remember the ten virgins. Five had a heart full of oil to make the trip. Five did not. All ten had their lamps lit. However, when the Bridegroom came, the five with their hearts only half full of oil watched as their flames went out.

They went out at the final moment, when no lamp must ever go out.

Is there doubt and unbelief in your heart that fights the Holy Spirit at every turn? Will you run out of oil and extinguish your flame as the Bridegroom comes?

After all, if there is one thing clear in the Bible – you cannot have what you don’t believe. There are no exceptions to this.

I know that there are many reasons that are given as to why the Lord will not return first for his bride. You may have many reasons yourself. You believe the bride must be purged. You believe that we must undergo tribulations – just as Jesus did. It matters little the reason. Let me ask you this – are you willing to take this to the Lord?

There have been more arguments on this subject than any of us can remember. However, have you sought the Lord on this – willing to find out that you are wrong?

Right now, you have voices in your head telling you that you already know the answer, that the Lord has already shown this to you – that you can find the answer in scripture. If that is the case then surely there is no harm in going to the Lord one more time.

After all, is prayer a bad thing?

Listen carefully – is there something in you that seems to be opposed to this? Do all sorts of reasons keep popping in your head, trying to tell you that you are covered?


I implore you to hear my words. Be willing, just one more time, to take this to the Lord.

This time, don’t half mean it – don’t go to prayer with the intentions of simply asking the Lord to “show you that you are right”. Rather, be willing to hear what the Lord is really saying – even if you don’t like the answer you get.

Be willing to find out that you may have gotten some things wrong. It may just save your eternal soul.

Ask the Lord to show you if you are wrong – and truly want to know the answer.

I have done this myself many times. That is how I ended up here.

If you seek the Lord on this – with a whole and a longing heart – he will answer.

However, if you should decide that you already know the answer – if you should decide that there is nothing more you can learn, then so be it. You will get no arguments from me.

It is your choice, and your choice alone to make. If you have decided the matter then it is done. I will not try to convince you otherwise. Your reasons are your own and your decision is made.

At this point there is little left to say. The Lord will continue to move his overcomers to the work at hand – what remains of it.

Over the next few months I suspect the world will begin to look a bit different. More and more trouble will be heaped upon the wall. The fear will continue to grow, and the uncertainty.

I myself will continue to “broadcast” for whatever time is left. We all will. As we all watch these days come to a head, the overcomer will have the peace of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

We will be here as long as we can, doing what we can.

Soon, that first trump shall sound – and we will all hear it.

In the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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