Elections, Noah and Lot, and the Things Before Us

This should be our finest moment.  Instead, it shall be the moment of our greatest demise.  One from which the world will never recover, until the Lord Jesus Christ Himself sets things right.

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?  Revelation 6:16-17

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? Revelation 6:16-17

To call the current election cycle a roller coaster is an understatement.

It seems we say this every election cycle.  It is always true, of course, with the ride becoming more and more chaotic.  Still, there is something markedly different now.  With the end of the Obama Administration and the start of a new one, it seems that the past seven years stand as a harbinger of things to come.

I don’t know if there is enough space or time for anybody to chronicle the political aspects of where history now stands.  I certainly would not want to try.  Fortunately, my task centers on the aspects of the current election cycle and the times of the end – a task of lessened burden by the fact that the Lord is the one that gives us the answers on such things.

There is no denying the prophetic nature of the things around us.  The coming election is no exception.  Still, there has arisen a flood of debate on who we should vote for.  When I say we, I mean all of us.  This is not an issue with Christians alone.  It covers the entire spectrum of life in these United States, and will affect the world around us.

The upcoming election is a watershed moment for the world.  The United States is the last brick to fall.  The rest of the west has spiraled into a moral decay the likes of which can never be reversed by man alone.  The west has passed the point of no return.  It has been the United States alone that has been the final bulwark against the start of the tribulation.

Those days are now past as well.

There is nothing which can stop the things that are now to come.  We had our chance, and we blew it.  The upcoming election represents a different dynamic, one that unprecedented for the U.S. and the world.  For the first and only time in our history, the election is not about victory.  It’s about personal accountability before the Lord.

Stated differently, it is ledger entries in the books of heaven – nothing more.  It is about recording where we stand in these final days before the tribulation.  Will we look to the wisdom of the Lord?

Or will we look to our own understanding, trusting in ourselves?  Will we look ahead to the things which must now come, or will we look back to a time now past, and a life forever lost?  Will we look to the soon return of the Lord, or will we look back to our lives?

That is the choice before us.

The Choice Before Us

The question before us is this.  How exactly does the election fill the bill of which we have spoken so far?  How is the upcoming election about “ledger entries”?  How does it speak to something more than the White House?

The first thing that must be understood is that it is less about the election, and more about the days we are in at this moment.  It is about the choice each of us will make.  Who will we vote for, if at all.  More importantly, why will we make the choice that we make?  How each of us answers this question is a direct reflection of what is in our hearts towards the Lord.

The first thing we can notice is that this is the first election in which there is a candidate to match every reason and predisposition of the human flesh.  What that means is this.  If you are a person that is predisposed to vengeance, then there is a candidate for you.  If you are an immoral person, then there is a candidate for you.  If you worship intellect, then there is a candidate for you.  If you lust after sexual perversion, then there is a candidate for you.  If you are a liar and deceiver, then there is a candidate for you.

Even as of this writing, there is a candidate that each work of the flesh can embrace.  As the field narrows on both sides, there still remains a candidate for every flesh.  It is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen.  Here is the thing.  It is on both side, Democrat and Republican.  To be fair, the absolute worst of these things is on the Democrat side.  This is to be expected, however.  It is the left side of the spectrum which embraces such things.

To be fair, not every Democrat desires such wanton degradation.  Just as the same dynamic applies to those on the right being the paragons of godliness.  Yet, the distinctions cannot be missed or dismissed.  We will detail this more as we go through this project.

The other thing that must be understood is that this dynamic also applies to each individual candidate as well.  Here is what we mean.  You can have an overall personality that is descent and fair.  You can like a candidate that appears to meet that standard as well.  However, with a deeper examination, we might just find that your reason for endorsing this candidate is far less righteous than it appears on the surface.

You may have an unspoken desire for vengeance.  It should be noted that there is a large undercurrent of vengeance/victory in this election cycle.  There are several candidates (this is true on both sides) which seem to embody the notion of “you hurt us, now we will hurt you” and “finish them” when it comes to making our personal choice for the Presidency.

In truth, some are choosing the candidate that gives them the best chance for blood.  That is the sole reasoning in their hearts, and it is the most important dynamic in play right now.  There are many on both sides that will settle for nothing less than the unmitigated slaughter of their political enemies, and they will elect Hitler to get their price.  Sadly, Hitler comes in many forms these days.

Those that have fallen into this trap can no longer see beyond their own flesh.  They will make their choice, and that is all they care about.  And they will never even realize that they are the ones in mortal danger.  Not from other men or ideologies, but from God Himself.

We have one last chance to impact the records in heaven on our behalf.  The course of world events is beyond any of us now.  All that remains is to cast the die on the side of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – or on the side of the world, the flesh and the devil.

Will we forsake our flesh and put the counsel of the Lord first?  Or will we make our own choice based on our own understanding, to achieve what WE want to see?

The choice is yours.

For the next few minutes and the majority of this project, we are going to confine our discussion to those “on the right”, and specifically those that call themselves “believers”.

Fast Forward

It is July, 2017.  There is a new President.  Despite the turmoil in the process, the Republicans managed to win the White House.  It has been a fast and furious six months since the swearing in.  With the House and Senate secured, the new President has been both willing and able to move on some of the ideas that got him elected.

With his victory the stock market began a slow, yet steady advance upwards.

Tax rates are under review, and tax cuts across the board are on the horizon.  They are not dramatic cuts, but solid and discernible in the weekly paycheck.

Immigration of Syrian “refugees” has been halted, and a massive review of the U.S. immigration system and southern border is underway.

The Border Patrol has been retasked to arrest and deport illegals as they are captured.

Legislation repealing all aspects of Obamacare has been passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.

The Senate held firm in the last year of the Obama Administration, and did not confirm  any choice for the Supreme Court.  Instead, the new President nominates a strict Constitutionalist that keeps the conservative majority on the court.

An imminent review of entitlements triggers a rash of states to move to reform.

Immediate action by the new President in the area of business regulation and taxation led to an immediate shift in the national business climate.  As a result, companies began planning for expansion and growth.  Some of that growth has started coming to fruition resulting in increasing jobs numbers.

The White House commences and immediate shift in Middle East policy, reversing the dependence on foreign oil and opening up U.S. energy capability.

The deal signed with Iran under the Obama Administration is brought into increasing scrutiny, and the President begins the process of reversing the dangerous concessions to Iran.

The U.S. military is retasked in it’s mission against ISIS.  While a full invasion is not authorized, air strikes are conducted with an actual resolve towards victory.  In the first month alone, ISIS suffers greater setbacks and defeats than occurred during the entire Obama Administration.

All anti-Second Amendment policies are immediately reversed.

How would you classify such actions?  Would these be the definition of success to you?  What if only half of these things came to pass?  What if a quarter of these things came to pass, and there was real promise for more to come?

Would this be the picture of and America under judgment?

It’s hard to imagine that the above scenario could be considered “the judgment of God”.  However, the devil is on the details.  Go back through the list.  What do you see missing?  Everything mentioned here is the definition of good secular policy.  Yet, it is just that – secular.  That is the point.

None of us know who will win the election, or if there will be an election.  We don’t know how many of the things above will come to pass.  However, there are some things we do know.  Those are evident in the things missing from the list above.

For example, there was no mention of any real effort to overturn abortion.  There was no effort by the new President to introduce legislation or launch any effort to challenge this godless institution.

While it is true that abortion is a battle that is fought mostly in the courts, the left always picks and chooses its battles based on the makeup of the courts, from SCOTUS on down.  They wage wars in venues that give them the greatest chance of success.  Ever wonder why so many important cases seem to mysteriously end up before the ultra liberal Ninth Circuit?  Ever wonder how many cases the Supreme Court refuses to hear?  Even a strict Constitutionalist is not an automatic friend of the pro-life movement.  To the contrary, absent a clear cut constitutional challenge, a strict Constitutionalist is less likely to consider abortion then less conservative members of the court.

Absent from the list above was any real attempt to reverse gay marriage, and overturn the militant gay rights agenda.  Such an effort would require a very messy fight – one that would take place in the wheel house of the political enemies of the President.

The leftist controlled media.

What we could get, though, is the great “compromise”.  We could get a President that seems to be more “in tune” with the Christian right.  We could get a White House that is willing to speak out on issues that seem to discriminate against Christians.  Perhaps the White House is supportive of Christian and conservative groups on campus.  Perhaps the White House places a new emphasis on stopping Christian persecution in the Middle East.

Of course, the White House cannot support bigotry and hate.  So, any such policy protecting Christians must likewise protect other such groups.  So, we see more of a “live and let live” attitude emerge.

Yet, would such a President be viewed as Christian or pro-Christian simply because they were willing to stand up for Christians at some point?

Here is the issue.  Under the Obama Administration, many of the things addressed above were forced down our throats.  While the left controls the White House absent a veto proof Republican majority in the House, there is little that can be done by the right to combat the worst policies from this administration.  Stated differently, we as Christians and conservatives have an excuse.  These things cannot be undone yet.

That would all change should there be a Republican victory in the election.

With the scenarios discussed above, there arises a mortal danger in our nation.  The excuses that we currently have at this moment will vanish.  After eight years of abominations being implemented in our country, there should be no excuse for a godly people not to act on the Lord’s behalf.  Yet, it will not come.

Certainly there will be those that try.  However, what happens when the White House starts to waiver on the things most near and dear to the Lord?  What happens when the choice is made not to take on policies deemed as too risky, opting to use the political capital on battles seen as “winnable”?

Perhaps, we get another compromise.  Perhaps, instead of concentrating on defeating the abominations of abortion and gay marriage, the President opts to stand against any growth in these issues.  What if the President opts to halt the advance of these policies, and effectively draw a line in the sand that does not get crossed?

How would you respond?  Would you demand that the White House move to stop these immoral institutions?

Or would you settle in to a new reality – a reality where gay marriage truly does become an accepted part of “everyday life” and “no big deal”?  Would you be willing to settle into a new reality where abortion simply slips from the headlines and from all conversation?  A reality where it is simply accepted, so long as these other “Christian and conservative” advances in the culture war are protected?

Would you let gay marriage become a true status quo if it meant more jobs?  What if lower taxes were the trade off?  What if silence on abortion were the price tag for the Second Amendment?  Which should take priority – the fight against gay marriage, or a robust economy?

That is the heart of what is coming.

Under the Obama Administration it is easy to say and desire the right things.  What about when our “guy” is in power?  What about when it comes down to gay marriage, or the economy?  What happens when issues such as abortion are swept under the rug in a compromise to push issues of a more secular – and more popular – nature?

There is an underlying truth in all of this.

The more we are exposed to something, the more it becomes “white noise” and ignored.  Here is the danger in this.  In a time where conservative secular policy starts to reverse the apparent fortunes of the nation, and we seem to reap more and more “blessings”, the more we will grow indifferent to issues that have direct Biblical implications.  The more the White House “ignores” the hard battles of abortion, gay marriage and gay rights, the more these will slip into the background.  They will become indistinguishable from anything else.  We will become accustomed to them.  We will get “used” to them.

That which becomes accustomed, becomes accepted.

That is the danger here.  It is a danger that no nation can survive.  It is a danger that the world cannot survive.

That is the very definition of the days of Lot and Noah.

That said, what if the scenarios above do not come to pass?  What if a Democrat is elected?  Does that negate the validity of the words spoken here?

I wish it did.  However, there is a simple truth to the things before us now.  What we are seeing play out is not about the election in November.  It is about the days, weeks and months before the election.  The fate of our nation is sealed.  The fate of the world is sealed.  There is nothing that can change this now.

What we face now is a simple premise – how will the books in heaven record our actions and choices?  This is the very theme of the tribulation itself.  It is the recording for all time and eternity where each of us come down on matters of the Lord.  Will we hear His voice?  Or will we hear only our own?

As I said a moment ago, all that we speak of starts in the days, weeks and months before the elections.  It started back in September, roughly.  It started when each of us had to make a choice, or start to make that choice.  Some of us knew immediately where we would stand.  Still, others among us had no idea what they should do.

There are many reasons why folks want their particular choice to win.  Unfortunately, very few of those reasons revolve around reversing the abominations that have been set in motion in our nation, and the western world as a whole.  Think about this for a moment.  The western world is awash in the greatest abominations the Bible records as abominations.  The greater Middle East is embroiled in Islamic fundamentalism.  Asia remains awash in the duel curse of ancient paganism and modern communism.

That does not leave a great deal of territory untouched by the filth of men.

The west was the last bulwark of the Lord, and the United States was the flagship.  Those days have now ended.

What are your reasons for picking “your guy”?  What are the issues that come to mind when you think on these things?  Is it economics?  Is it jobs?  Perhaps it is national defense.  Maybe your watershed issue is the Second Amendment.

It’s as if none of us care about the abominations that have been forced upon us in the past few years.

Sure, we were vocal when they came.  Yet, we learned very quickly that these things don’t affect our daily lives.  After the protests, court decisions, social media campaigns, we were left with our regular lives intact.  Sure, we would read about some mom and pop bakery that was forced to comply or face destruction.  But that was not us.  the plain truth of the matter is that we simply don’t care what happens to others.

As long as we are left alone the rest of the world can go to hell in a hand basket.

How many believers fell into the trap of denouncing other believers for “single issue voting”?  The level of vitriol that has been hurled at single issue voters is nothing less than sickening.  Think about this for a moment.  Since when is making the revocation of an abomination before God EVER a bad thing?

Yet, the compromise against single issue voting has been struck in the name of victory.  Let me ask you this.  When was the last time that abortion, gay marriage and gay rights were the issues that we took a stand on, to the sacrifice of other issues?  Why is it always the abominations that get tossed on the garbage heap?

Why are the issues which bring the wrath of God always the disposable issues?

Lot and Noah?

Actually, it’s Lot, Noah, Lot’s wife and Abraham.


Let’s take a few moments and have a conversation.  We will get to the Biblical evidence and sourcing shortly.  For now, let’s lay the cards on the table and see what they reveal.

How many believers out there are chasing conspiracies?  I am not talking about legitimate study.  I am talking about obsession level immersion.  Let me ask it like this.  Are you spending more time chasing conspiracies than reading your Bible?

Conspiracies have become the forbidden fruit in the ranks of the believers.

Isaiah 8:11-13 – This is what the Lord says to me with his strong hand upon me, warning me not to follow the way of this people:

 “Do not call conspiracy
everything this people calls a conspiracy;
do not fear what they fear,
and do not dread it.

The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy,
he is the one you are to fear,
he is the one you are to dread.

There is nothing wrong with learning about the world around us.  However, all things must be tempered in the Bible, and the understanding of the Lord.  If you profess Christ, yet all of your energy is invested in learning the world – what does that say about Christ in the eyes of others?  We utter the name of Christ in one breath, and exhaust every last breath after that chasing Satan.

Conspiracies have become a new version of a very old false god.  Mankind has spent its entire existence chasing the idols of “secret and forbidden knowledge”.  We certainly love our secret knowledge, don’t we?  There is nothing quite like the thrill of the chase.  Moving in on the prize, one step away from victory.  Why, if we can overturn one last stone, then we shall possess that which has been denied us.

Imagine what is waiting for us if we reach but one last branch.  It’s that single piece of shiny fruit.  All of the other pieces are not enough.  We must have the one piece.

That out of reach piece.

That forbidden piece.

Genesis 3:1-7 ESV –  Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made.

He said to the woman, “Did God actually say, ‘You[a] shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, but God said, ‘You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.’”

But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.

Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked. And they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loincloths.

The desire to be special and have something rare has so poisoned the Body of Christ that we have lost the ability to critically examine the things the Lord has placed in plain sight.

What if you find that last piece of fruit?  What then?  What exactly will you do with it?

Would you expose it?  What would you change in the world?  Will that last piece break Satan’s dominion on the earth?  Will he suddenly be forced to relinquish command to you?  Exactly how will the chase of the forbidden fruit change anything in the world?

The last time I checked, the Book of Revelation already laid out what is to come.  So, unless you are interested in applying for the job of Antichrist or the Lord has promised to promote whoever finds the forbidden fruit, well. . .

You may want to examine exactly why you are heading down this road.

We have moved so far down this road that we now entertain even the most absurd ideas as possible truth.  Certainly the Bible contains many mysteries.  Yet, those mysteries are grounded in common sense.  In fact, nothing the Lord does runs contrary to common sense.  They don’t have to.

The desire for the secret and unknown has pushed us to the point that we dismiss the plain meaning of the Bible for the things unknown and unspoken.  I am certainly no stranger to the mysteries of the Bible.  This website is littered with them.  Yet, the true mysteries of the Bible do not defy common sense, nor drastically alter the doctrines and understanding that sustained the Body for 2,000 years.  They strengthen it.

The things that believers are embracing under the guise of “mysteries” have served to introduce an entirely new body of knowledge and understanding into the church.  Under the guise of fresh revelation, the foundation of the Bible itself is being unraveled.  It is one thing to gain a greater understanding of the things already known.  Yet, rewriting the Bible itself becomes a real problem, especially in light of God’s promise that He would preserve His word unto ALL generations.

If you dig and find something that has been “hidden” to all the world for the last 2,000 years, then you DO NOT have something of God!

The secret and forbidden sits at the heart of what we are witnessing today.

One of the results of chasing the forbidden knowledge has been to rewrite the days of Lot and Noah.  More and more believers have extended themselves well beyond the limits of reason and common sense, and begun to embrace alternate ideas and theology.  The prominent feature of this new theology is a new found interest in the giants found in the story of Noah.

The Bible certainly teaches us that there were giants in the days of Noah.  In fact, the giants were a fixture on this planet until King David finished off the last of these creatures during his reign.  We also know that the giants were the product of an unholy union between human women and angels.  There is a great deal of debate on this subject.  An in depth study of the subject reveals fascinating insights.  However, that said. . .

It is a very dark road to travel down to suggest that the return of the giants is what Jesus was talking about when He spoke of Lot and Noah.  Here is why.  You can judge a theology by the company it keeps.  Like so many false doctrines, the central purpose behind certain beliefs is singular in their function – to reorder the events of the end times to deny the soon return of the Lord.

The rapture is the single most important event in all of human history, outside of salvation.  Yet, there is every conceivable attempt under the sun to dismiss and diminish what the rapture truly is.  It is the proof the Jesus Christ is who He says He is.  It is the required piece that makes the fulfillment of the Law of Moses possible.  I have detailed the truth of the rapture beyond contest.  As you read through Trib Rising, there truly can be no other conclusion reached.  Any theology that minimizes or denies the rapture has but one goal at its heart.

A body count.

We detail this understanding as well in “The Devil’s Body Count”, and will be adding another project on the rapture after this current project is complete.

Many of the most prolific rapture and pre-trib critics have embraced this defective and deadly doctrine of the resurgence of the giants, and morphed it into alien deceptions, hidden alien technology, ancient alien knowledge, etc.  While the world is embracing the concept of aliens at an alarming rate, and aliens provide a tremendous reasoning to deny the rapture, what we are seeing now is beyond the pale.  It is becoming a central tenet in their growing library of skewed theological slants.  It now ranks up there with the shortened tribulation and the growing influence of Torah keeping and the Sacred Name theology.  The theology of the giants gives rapture critics acceptable alternatives to explain many of the details in Revelation which specifically prove the pre-trib rapture.  These details must be hijacked.  Otherwise, those that have the most to lose with a pre-trib rapture are forced to come face to face with their own lack of a true and abiding faith.

Here is the first thing that needs said to the theology of the return of the giants – and truly the only thing that needs said.

There is a reason why it is the days of Lot and Noah, and not just Noah.  If there had been giants present in the story of Lot then the case could be made.  Likewise, if the Lord had stopped with just the days of Noah the same possibility would hold true.  However, the Lord did not simply offer the days of Noah.  It was a combination of Lot, Noah, Abraham, Lot’s wife, and the Gospel accounts.

In reality, what we have in the complete picture is quite fascinating, and matches perfectly with what is happening right now before all of our eyes.  That is the second point that bears stating.  The trick with the end times is that the Bible makes it clear that it is not a secret, nor hidden from those willing to listen.  When you study end times prophecy, you either find and adopt a theology that is readily provable in current events – or you adopt a theology that can only be proven by chasing the hidden, unknowable things that only a select few initiates can see.

Overt blindness of the world is one thing.  Attempting to justify your truth through the declaration that 95 percent of those who have been to the cross have somehow missed the truth of the Lord – especially when they hold doctrines present in the body since the beginning – is a glaring red flag that the 95 percent may not be the ones with real issues.

What gets missed is that each piece of the puzzle is found in different parts of the total picture.  In the days of Noah we have the foretelling of the world we see now.  In the Gospel accounts of Matthew 24-25 and Luke 17 we have the foretelling of the condition of the Body of Christ.  However, it is the story of Abraham, Lot, Lot’s wife and Sodom that marries the total picture together.  We will cover this in greater detail in the evidence section of this project.  For now, we will cover the piece relevant to what we are addressing here.

When you take all of the pieces, and look at the words of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you find the context for understanding how the days of Lot and Noah reveal the end times.  It is not the giants.

It is us.

It is the condition of mankind that sees the end times come.  It is our hearts that brings the end of this age, and sees the return of the Lord.  It is not the extraneous things.  Rather, it is humanity and the passing of the point of no return.

We have reached a fascinating point in our history.  For the first time since Adam and Eve, we as human beings now believe we are the gods.  We no longer require any help in this.  It is of our own accords that this is possible.  As a consequence of this condition, it is the first time in our history that the Antichrist can actually rise.  The 20th century alone bears witness to this.  We have reached the point where the things prophesied to come in the days of Lot and Noah are possible by our hands alone.

What must be remembered is that God is the God of perfect justice, and that all must be judged.  To be judged for the things we do, we must have full power and cognizance to do them of our own accord.  Clearly, the tribulation will see the rise of supernatural beings.  Revelation bears this out.  However, to be judged for what will come, mankind must be in control.  We cannot be unwilling pawns under the influence of a supernatural master.  We must be the masters.

To answer the next question – no, that does not affect the rise of the Antichrist.  To the contrary, his rise is the result of the condition of man, and the things that come under his reign are desired and embraced by all humanity.  There is something else.  Though the Antichrist will enjoy supernatural power from Satan, he is still human.  He becomes Antichrist only after reaching a point where he can accept the offer of Satan, knowing full well what it will ultimately cost him.  He must know and consent, and have a full knowledge of the eventual price for the short season of reigning as a god on earth.  It is one thing to say “I will serve Satan”.

It is quite another to fully comprehend the gravity of such a decision.

It is only after enough human history has passed, and specifically the 20th century and the holocaust, that any man was finally of enough mind and understanding to make the deal.  To understand the links between the Antichrist and the Holocaust, I would recommend reading “Horrors Beyond Reckoning – The Coming Desolation of the Temple” on this website.

The Tower of Babel saw a cycle start where all the world was separated.  Since that fateful day on the Plains of Shinar, an effort to reverse what was done has unfolded.  That effort is now complete.

When all the world is one, all the world shall be ruled by one.

In falling into the conspiracy trap, many believers miss that the destruction of Noah and Lot came because of the condition of humanity.  There were contributing factors.  Yet, it was us alone in which the full responsibility falls.  It is what we had become in our own hearts and by our own hands that brought the wrath of God.  It is what we have become now that has brought us to the doorstep of the tribulation.  We now believe that we are the gods.  We have become as Satan, and needed no help in doing so.  In other words, it’s all us, and there is nothing that can bring us back.

What Does it all Mean?

We have already spoken of the abominations of the days of Lot and Noah, and how they now enjoy a degree of acceptance in the world and in our nation.  Yet, there is one final piece to the puzzle.  We have spoken on it as well.

What will the Saints of God do with this one last chance?  What will we do in this election?  Will we put first the things of the Lord?  Will reversing these abominations be our greatest priority?  Will obedience to the Lord come first in our decision for President?

As I spoke earlier, what makes this time in our current history different is that we sit on the cusp of possibility.  If we as a people chose the Lord’s will before own, it would be possible to set our nation about a new course.

Yet, this will not happen.

Why are we choosing our particular candidate?  Is it the things of God?  Is it economics?  Is it the Constitution?  How many of those that profess Christ are walking through this election season with their wallets as the primary driving force behind their decisions?

Are you thinking about everything BUT the things of the Lord?

Under the Obama Administration we could not necessarily change anything.  This was going to happen.  There had to be a godless administration to spearhead the institution of the abominations into our national fabric.  Doing so further cemented these abominations into the fabric of western civilization.  As goes the United States, so goes the west.

However, under a Republican Administration and government it is possible to change course.  If we will but listen, that is.

We won’t, of course.

Here is the key to this, and the critical point to understand.  I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating.  It does not start with the election.  It starts in the hours, days, weeks and months prior to the election.  The time of choosing is now.  If we choose wisely, then things can change.  However, if all of us choose unwisely, then shall we reap the rewards for our failure to hear the Lord.  By the time the election comes it will all be done.

Actually, it is already done.  What we face now is nothing more than the official recording of our disobedience before God.  Still, we must be given the chance to record our fault by our own hands.  We will detail this in a few moments when we examine the scriptural evidence.  Though the Lord already knows our hearts and decisions, there must be an entry in the books none the less.

The future is on an unstoppable course now.  Yet, for each of us, there is no greater decision outside of salvation than the one that faces us now.  How will your actions be recorded before the God of all heaven and earth?  So, the question is this.  Why have you made the choice that you have made?  What is the reasoning in the foremost parts of your heart?  Is it God?  Or is it your own desires and ambitions?

Right now, this moment is about the Lord swinging things back into our hands one last time.  It is about one final chance to honor His will in our lives – or to bury ourselves.  Now that it seems we are headed back to power, what will you do?  With a real possibility of victory what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

For that matter, what is the first thing that comes to the mind of all believers?

Is it God?

Is it financial?

Is it security?

Is it vengeance?

When you watch the news, read the stories, consider the election, what is the first and primary thing that you think of?  Sadly, for the vast majority of those that claim the name of Christ it is not Him.

Are you choosing the best business candidate?  Perhaps your choice is the best constitutional candidate.  Are you choosing the candidate that will put Jesus first?  Are you telling yourself that Jesus comes first – yet it is nothing more than a lie to shield yourself from your own heart?

Understand, it’s not that the candidates exemplifies certain things themselves.  It’s that our vote and support for a particular candidate exemplifies those things in ourselves.  Most of us are choosing the candidate that speaks to the desires of our flesh, and not the will of the Lord for our life.

If our flesh is inclined to Trump for a given reason, the Lord may call on us to vote for another, or to abstain from the vote altogether.  Those that desire Trump even above the Lord’s will may be called to vote for Cruz.  Those that desire Cruz above the will of the Lord may be called to vote for Kasich.

This is a hard thing to fathom.  How could the Lord lead different believers to vote for different candidates?  The understanding is really quite simple.  The outcome is already set.  The course of our nation and the world is already set.  The election is no longer about victory.  It’s about us.

I struggled with this concept for a time.  Then the Lord gave me an understanding.  Even if one or more of the candidates was evil beyond reason, it would not be the first time that the Lord raised up evil to His purposes.  Even if it appeared that the Lord was calling us to an action that seemed to defy His word and law, it would not be the first time for that either.  We will spend time on this in the evidences for this project.  For now, know this.  The Lord’s reasons are His.  We cannot know the end from the beginning.  If it seems to you that you are being called to do something “unthinkable” by the Lord – it is only unthinkable to you.

Despite what people say, it is wholly possible that none of the Republican candidates are the monsters they are being made out to be.  I am quite certain of that.  Sadly, we have been so busy fighting amongst one another on who the bigger monster is, that we have forgotten what a real monster looks like in the White House.

And he is still there!

It saddens me to see so many brothers and sisters so quickly forget the lessons of the last seven years.  They jump on every “proof” against their chosen candidate, embracing the same sources that gave us what we have now.  We seem to have forgotten that none of us can know the absolute truth about any candidate, but from one source alone.  Unfortunately, it is the last source we seem to go to – if we go to it at all.

The Lord stands ready to reveal the truth to all of us.  Yet, nearly none of us are willing to ask on this.

Here is the thing this election comes down to. When we each make the decision on who to vote for, or even to vote, the question becomes why we made our particular choice.  Were we looking to the Lord, His soon return, and where things now sit?  Or were we looking back, on lives that once were?

That is Lot’s wife. What did the Lord say?

Remember Lot’s wife. Those who seek to save their lives shall lose them. Those that will lose their lives shall save them.

Lot’s wife looked back because she could not let go when the writing was on the wall, the die cast, and the point of no return had passed.

Are you hell bent that America must be “great again”?  I do not say this as an anti-Trump statement.  The same thing holds true with Cruz and Kasich as well.  Each candidate exemplifies a return to “better days” in the eyes of their supporters.  Whether it’s the return of economic greatness, the greatness of the Constitution, the return of government fiscal responsibility, etc., the result is the same.  So many of our brothers and sisters are stuck in reverse.

We had our chance to bring back “what was”.  We blew it.  Now, there is only what “will be”, and that is out of our control. ~~~

There is a great deal of ground to cover.  However, I have been given the understanding that I need to stop, and publish what has been written so far.  It is absolutely critical that these words are spoken.  So, I will publish what I have written so far as a “part one” of sorts.

The remaining project is currently being written, and will be completed shortly.  At that time, I will simply add it to the end of what you have been reading so far.  It will contain the full scriptural basis for what I have covered so far, and what we can learn from the deeper study of the Days of Lot and Noah – and why there is no turning back.

For now I will offer this.  Time is short.

In the name of our most blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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