Order of Judgments in the Second 42 Months of the Tribulation

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six - Revelation 13:18

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six – Revelation 13:18

Order of judgments that befall the earth in the second 42 months of the tribulation:

1.  Rome descends into the seventh level of Hell.  It began a slide into the demonic abyss after the rapture.  The Apostate Pope has led what remains of the west into the slow slavery of Islam.

The wealth of oil in Saudi Arabia is all that saves the west from extinction.  That wealth will be funneled through the Vatican banking establishment, as this is the only viable banking apparatus left intact in the west.  Rome becomes the effective financial center of the “non-Muslim” world.

Those that play the game will prosper – for a time.  Western world leaders that turn their heads as Islams runs rampant on their streets will be rewarded with wealth.  Those that do business while likewise turning their heads, and even embracing the rising tide of Islam will likewise flourish – for a time.

By this point, however, that slide is complete.  After setting up the Abomination of Desolation, denying Jesus Christ as the Son of God – the Pope returns to Rome with a renewed mission and focus on life.

To administer the new “blood for wealth” economy that has come:

The mark of the beast.  Your soul for food.  The blood of others for food.

For three and a half years, Rome has transitioned into the most vile city on earth.  After the invasion of Jerusalem, it now stands as the operational capital for Islam in the west.  While the Antichrist pursues the goal of global conquest and death to the Jews from Jerusalem, the False Prophet will oversee the enslavement of all conquered from Rome.

All that cling to Catholicism shall be forced to fall prostrate before Islam and convert.  This occurs after the Pope denies Christ as the Son of God and converts to Islam.

“Babylon, the Great – is fallen, is fallen!” – Revelation 14:8.

2.  The world as we know it no longer exists.  It is the very worst nightmare that mankind has ever envisioned.  All the world has descended into the 7th level of hell and the worst is yet to come.  Viable and functioning government no longer exists.  Only Rome and Jerusalem remain.  In its place is an existence of death and slavery that threatens to exterminate every last man, woman and child on earth.

The world has become hell on earth.

3.  The entire planet falls under the heel of the Antichrist now indwelt by Satan himself.  All shall be required to wear the mark of Allah upon the foreheads or right hands to simply eat.  Absent this mark there is NO sustenance.  There will be no economic activity in this new world order of death without conversion to Islam and the mark of Allah.

Those that refuse the mark and refuse to convert are beheaded as Muslim forces of the Antichrist scour the four corners of the globe bent upon death.

If you accept the mark of Allah or the government of the Antichrist your will burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity.  There is no forgiveness possible once you wear the mark.  You are forever condemned at that point.

This new “economic system” will be administered through Rome, with a brutal efficiency that would have made Hitler envious.

4.  Thus begins the great harvest of death.  From here half of the world’s remaining population will begin to fall to the wrath of God.  While many will also perish at the hands of the Antichrist for failing to accept the mark, it will be minuscule compared to the numbers that are annihilated by the hand of God himself.

By this time most will no longer worship God – rather they will despise him.  Those that do not despise God most likely will not have the strength to stand for Christ without the Holy Spirit to strengthen them.

5.  A great and terrible sore shall fall upon all that wear the mark of the beast, the mark of Allah.  It shall be a pain, torment and death such as mankind has never known.  No disease has ever caused a greater distress upon those that are afflicted.

*** This is the second tactical judgment to the benefit of the few remaining believers. ***

6.  All of the seas of the world shall become blood (not like blood, but actual blood).  All sea life on earth shall perish.

This is a direct judgment for the blood of Christians that has been shed by those that bow before the beast.  For the shedding of the blood of the saints the earth shall have nothing but blood to drink.

There shall be not a single drop of fresh water found.

7.  The sun shall rage and the face of the earth shall be scorched.  There shall fall upon the earth a fierce heat the likes of which are beyond comprehension.

8.  The Muslim Empire that rules the world shall now fall into total darkness.  It will be complete and impenetrable by any artificial light.  Those trapped by the darkness shall literally gnaw on their own tongues for the anguish brought by the darkness.

This will be multiplied by excruciating pain of the sores they already endure for having taken the mark of Allah.

They shall curse God for their sufferings.

*** This is the third tactical judgment to benefit believers – if any are left. ***

9. The Euphrates river shall dry up.  This is in preparation for the coming battle of Armageddon.  The Antichrist will forcibly conscript an army the likes of which has never before been assembled.  They shall be deployed to the Valley of Megiddo in Israel for the coming war.

10.  The single most devastating earthquake to ever strike the earth shall destroy every last city left upon the face of the earth save one – Jerusalem.  Jerusalem herself shall be split into three parts.

There shall be not one single mountain upon earth that does not crumble and fall.

There shall not be one single island of the seas that does not sink into the abyss never to be seen again.

There shall be a global storm of thunder and lightning not seen since the ravages of the rapture storm.

11.  A storm of hail shall come upon the earth that lays waste to all of humanity.  The stones from this hail weigh in excess of one hundred pounds each.

The people will curse God for the severity of the hail storm.

So concludes the plagues of the wrath of God in the second 42 months of the tribulation.

As it was with the first 42 months, these plagues will occur at varying duration over the course of the entire second 42 months of the tribulation.

12.  In one day Rome is laid waste.  In one day all commerce and banking is laid waste.

Fire has fallen, and Rome burns in the space of a single day.  She will burn at the hands of those same Muslim leaders that put there power into the hands of the Antichrist.  They have despised Rome and the west, and they have been biding their time.

Now the time has come, as the Lord purposes them to his ends.  Rome must now answer for what it has wrought on the world – past and present.  They see to the annihilation of the Eternal City.

It shall be eternal no more.

All that found home in Rome is now gone – which includes all financial and banking operations of the western world.  Now, it is all gone.

There is no more buying, selling or financial operations.  The last vestiges of government are gone.  There is only death now.  The last couple of months before the Second Coming will be the worst the world has ever known.

When it is all said and done, what remains of the worlds population will literally fit in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, in front of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


Here are the scriptural references for the judgments of the second 42 months of the tribulation:

Daniel 2:40-43; 7:19-26; 8:13-14, 23-26; 9:27; 11:29-39; 12:7-12

Isaiah 13:1-22

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