The Vision of the Things to Come

rapture 2

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be – Matthew 24:27

This is the revelation and understanding that the Lord delivered to me concerning the things to come:

The rapture occurs.  It is not the Rapture that we have all envisioned, rather it is an event of such devastation as to enbody the sum total of all the judgments we read in the Book of Revelation.

While I do not know the exact point from where this starts, I will make a practical assumption of the northern most corner of the planet as the scriptures contain references to the “north” as being the way to heaven.  Likewise, there is an “opening” of sorts in the northern sky wherein scientists confirm a massive “emptiness” of space devoid of stars, almost as a cone that starts from the earth and moves skyward.  Understand that the starting point makes little difference as the net effect will be the same.  I can also imagine and see Jerusalem as a starting point as well.

Upon the words of the Father, Jesus Christ will descend from heaven to the top of the clouds or the top of the cloud layer.  To the human eye it will be as a bright light, though we were attempting to look upon the sun.  In a singular moment the arms of Jesus will raise, the sound as it were a trumpet shall resonate in the soul of every believer soon to travel home, and from his feet will roll a circular wave of cloud, energy and devastation.  It will hold the net effect of a nuclear blast in appearance – a blast the likes of which have never before been seen by human eyes.

It will radiate out in a circular pattern not unlike the ripples in a pond.  At nearly an unfathomable speed it will run from the point of origin forward until it collapses in on itself on the opposite side of the planet.

As the wave of cloud, lightning and fire traverses the globe the effect and experience will be the same.  It will be a two part assault upon humanity.  The leading edge of the storm will call forth the dead in Christ while but mere seconds later those that are alive and remain shall be called up.  In a matter of moments this rolling front traverses the planet and it is done.

As the storm rolls across the planet it will call to believer and unbeliever alike.  To the believer there will be an unmistakable voice – the voice of God and the words “Come Up Here!”  To the believer that is turned from Christ and does not overcome it will be as the sound of thunder and a soul full of foreboding – the sound of angels to their ears and mind.  They will not yet know what has occurred, yet they will not be able to escape the tragedy of the moment.  In the deepest recesses of their souls they will know, yet it will be several days before the totality of the moment sets in.

To the unbeliever it will be as though the very worst of all they have ever imagined has come to pass.  Never shall their ears nor eyes recount such a storm as they now witness.

In the “morning” the full extent of the horror shall slowly come to light.

As the storm raged across the planet its effect was delivered in two stages, each but seconds apart.  The first wave of the assault struck burial grounds, cemeteries, mass graves and the seas.  As believers have been laid to rest in nearly every modern burial ground and ancient resting place there will be no obvious distinction.  To the astute observer it would serve as proof the Gospel of Jesus Christ was indeed capable of traveling to places no one ever thought it traveled.  Likewise, it would finally give testimony to the absolute power of the Gospel and its ability to reach those that should have had no earthly reason to accept nor even inquire after Jesus Christ.  However, this sadly will not be the case.  The abundance of strikes in the places of rest not typically thought of as “Christian” will quickly be embraced by the Godless as proof that this was not the “secret rapture” foretold by those silly Christians.

To the believer that did not overcome it is a far different story.  Within a few short days the move of the Holy Spirit will speak to them.  They will not be able to escape a singular thought drawn in two parts.  It was the rapture and martyrdom is what remains for salvation.  They will look to any justification to ignore the voice raging deep within their souls and there will be plenty to grasp onto.

That is, those that survived to regret their failures.

The second stage occurred on the trailing edge of the storm mere seconds after the first stage.  It was the second stage which has set the world for deception – and for war.

The second stage is nothing less than the annihilation of the world as we currently know it.  As the storm rolls across the planet it strikes those nations with the heaviest concentrations of true believers the hardest.  This devastation is made much more manifest by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the days prior to the rapture.  We had all witnessed it.  Those that believed in the promise of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ seemed oddly “urgent” in all they did.  They seemed to dismiss the things of life that were seemingly unimportant when weighed next to salvation.  They all seemed to gel around an unspoken understanding that time was indeed short.  It did not matter who it was or where they were.  Never mind that two such believers could be put into the same room having never before known each other.  Despite this they would both “know” the same thing – the return of the Lord was soon and there was nothing to stop it now.

To the believers that did not overcome it was a mixed story.  They likewise knew something was different with history as it was unfolding, yet there was no real consensus as to what that may ultimately be.  They felt a calling in their spirits, yet there was always some reason to disregard what they knew at the deepest levels.  It was a “government” thing, a “constitution” thing, a “rapture heresy” thing.  It was always a “thing” that would convince them to discard that undeniable voice in favor of something more suitable to them.

After all, is it not far better to get left behind to fight the Antichrist?  Look at what they could do for the Lord if they stay here.  In each of their minds the story was always the same – different players, yet the same narrative.  They would prepare for this – unlike the “escapist” rapture fantasy believers that “always sat on their behinds never doing anything”.  This is a narrative that will steadily reverse itself to the dismay of the believer left behind as they find that indeed the rapture believer had taken steps to prepare – for them.

Rifles, ammunition, emergency food, Bibles, DVD’s, CD’s, gold, silver, medicine – all these things will be found in the homes of many rapture believers that, sadly, understood exactly why the Lord called them to prepare.  They knew in their heart of hearts who the materials were meant for – and it was not them.

There will be a collective shame when they come to understand that the Lord had led many rapture believers to prepare for the days to come, yet do so silently.  There will be a collective shame that falls upon those left behind as they begin to understand that what they held was nothing more than an excuse to throw away the warning of God for their own ideas and designs.

All too soon they shall come to understand the folly of thinking that they had any real concept of the tribulation to come.  All too soon they shall understand that if they could not hear and harken to the voice of the Lord when death, doom and destruction was not the order of the day then they truly stand little chance of resisting when the harsh reality of the tribulation is revealed.  All too soon they shall understand that they are not the singular saviors of mankind as they had imagined in their own hearts.  No, they did not say “I shall defeat the Antichrist”.  No, it was much deeper, more insidious than even that.  As they counseled their minds on the subject of the end times there was an ever present understanding that permeated all that they did.  In all of their images they could see the death yet it was disconnected.  It was always someone else that fell.  In every image that played in their minds it was they that would find shelter, store weapons and arms, find or stockpile food, avoid the armies of the Antichrist, refuse the mark and somehow always escape the dread to come.  They would organize resistance and fight.  They would see others fall but never themselves.

For the few that dared to entertain the thought it was always a short lived experience.  They would be captured, refuse the mark and pass into eternity.  Absent was any real grasp of the horror of the moment.  Never came the understanding that to be found in such a state would come a subjection to the greatest horrors never conceived of by the normal human mind.  They never saw that their enemy would truly hate them with a genuine demonic hate.

It is not merely a question of conversion.  It is a question of making their enemies pay for the mere insolence of resisting their god – of daring to even consider themselves as equal.

No, our believers that did not overcome never stopped to imagine how they would respond as they fall upon the ground bound hand and foot just in time to watch as an intentionally dull and rusty blade is dragged upon the neck of their beloved 13 year old daughter that was just forcibly raped by multiple enemies of God.  Never mind the blood curdling screams as the nerves are ripped – not evenly sliced – from the dull pitted blade.  It is a scene that has replayed many times for our non-overcoming believer as they attempted to slice raw steak with the wrong knife.

Now it is their 13 year old daughter – bleeding already from every orifice from the “treatment” at the hands of her captors – that slowly slips into eternity as one final fount of crimson red flows from her soon lifeless body.  Perhaps it is their infant son, trusted husband or their beloved wife as well.  With each rip of the blade, each trek back and forth from a neck that is very slowly diminishing in size, your beloved angel is reduced to the station of a butchered cow.  With each daggered scream the realization becomes more than our non-overcoming believer can endure.  Then soon – silence.

While all must answer for the choices of their own hands the truth of the moment cannot escape our failed believer.  It is because they would not hear the voice of the Lord that this has come to pass.  What they would have said differently if they had only listened!  But instead they scoffed.  There is no rapture!  It’s not in the Bible!  You can’t find the word Rapture!  Christ will not save his church – he will let them be purged so that they are worthy!

How many will find this fate when they realize that you cannot receive from God that which you do not believe?  The harsh reality of their lack of faith drives upon the mind and soul now.  How many times did the Lord send someone before them to declare the rapture as a reward of faith, not of salvation?  How many times did they dismiss the parables of the virgins, the foolish servant, two in the field and every admonition that “to him that looks to the promise of his coming”.  Only now will it make sense.  Only now do they see and understand.  Now, however, it is too late.

If only they had listened when another believer actually offered to show them these things.  But no, to actually listen and consider the evidence was a risk they could not take.  If they had considered the evidence they would have had to acknowledge that the proof was indeed there all the time.  They simply latched on to the excuse that felt best to them and from that point there was no need to listen.

They now understand all too well what the Bible meant when it said that the rapture comes upon them as a snare.  It was not a snare to those that were taken.  It is now a snare to our non-overcomers.  Now they cannot escape.  They now know in their heart of hearts that they must pay the price – a price they have willingly earned and now deserve – for throwing away the voice of the Lord simply because it interfered with their own vision of who they thought they were.

However, the greatest tragedy will occur in the hearts of those that took a nearly romantic pleasure in the simple notion that Christ must somehow allow the church to be purged before it could ever be accepted as “the bride”.  Their hearts will flood with a despair that they could have never conceived of as they come to understand one simple, immutable fact:

The shedding of their blood purifies nothing.  It is the blood of Christ alone that can save a soul.

Yet how many times did they revel in their own hearts at the trials to come?  No, they never spoke aloud of a desire the see the body fall.  Yet it was always there.  In their heart of hearts they secretly imagined a day when they alone would stand vindicated for their “insight” into the true nature of things.  They would glean a secret unspoken pleasure as the many “deceived heretics” of that false rapture doctrine come begging to them for salvation.  It was they that would not be duped into that whole “Margaret McDonald 1830 rapture heresy”.

Then the bitter truth of God’s Word comes roaring as a lion.  They cannot escape the memories of each and every time that one of the deceived heretics offered to show proof that the rapture was taught throughout the history of the church.  Each time an offer of yet another early church father teaching the rapture was presented it was conveniently ignored.

The misery of the soul will be nearly unbearable for them – yet they will live until they face the rugged blade of the executioner.  Then they will decide their fate.

Until that day they shall bear an unknowable anguish as the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

No, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit prior to this served to cement men to the desires of their hearts.  Those that held a love for the Lord, a desire to serve and the faith in the promise of his coming were moved in such a direction and seemed concerned more and more with the things of the Lord.  Those that did not look to his coming found themselves pushed to whatever excuse that held their personal attentions.  Now the results are undeniable – the Law of Separation is complete and those believers left behind now face a bitter truth.  It is not just the believer from the unbeliever, the unrighteous from the righteous – it is believer from believer.  Either you overcome and look to the promise of his coming or you do not.  Now, all are separated.

In the wake of the rapture will remain a devastation never before imagined by the human mind.

As the second wave of the storm rolled across the earth it produced what can only be described as an “electrical storm of Biblical proportions”.  All electrical storms produce massive, ultra-high powered arcs that we know collectively as “lightning”.  However, unlike any electrical storm the world has ever seen nor dared to imagine, this storm garnered its initial charge from a single source high in the heavens.  For the first time in history there exists a single point of electrical potential that holds the capability to pull electrons from all points across the globe.  As any electrical engineer can affirm, it takes nearly unimaginable amounts of potential, voltage or charge to generate an arc of lightning.  Never before has an arc been generated that can cross from one side of the globe to the other.

This “storm” will generate multiplied billions of such arcs across the globe – one for each believer both alive and dead.  From the dust of the ground to the depths of the sea they will come.  Where ever the believer shall be found there shall be an arc of Biblical destruction.

Each arc will react exactly as electricity should act.  Each arc will penetrate any structure that “holds” its assigned believer.  Passenger seat of a car, steel casket in the vault, control rooms of nuclear reactor power plants, co-pilot seats of airplanes, 22nd floor of 104 story skyscrapers and any place else that a believer is to be found.  The arc will continue to ground.  Once it reaches ground it will dissipate per the laws of electricity.  There are no means of defense for this.  Every precaution, every safety measure fails with unimaginable devastation.

Any person caught in close enough of a proximity to each arc will be vaporized.  Those fortunate enough to be just outside the vaporization proximity will remain – if that’s what you want to call it.  What happens to their flesh is nothing less than the very worst of horror movies multiplied by a thousand.  Death will most likely be instantaneous – most likely.  For the few that should survive it will not be much of a life as they suffer from the most horrific of internal and external burns.  What limbs remain most likely will not function.  Those that are unfortunate enough to be caught in the grounding grid that each arc will create will fare little better.  For all that should survive the close encounter of a rapture arc will wish for death.

Only if they should once again seek the Christ they ultimately denied will the failed believer have any hope.  Though they went to church, prayed the prayers and sang the songs, they never found a full faith in the savior.  Only now they understand that half a faith was the same as no faith at all.

How many of our fallen believers shall find themselves upon their knees weeping and pleading to the Christ they never fully trusted – or believed?  Oh but if things could be different now.  If they could just go back, if they could have but one more chance.

Never again will they utter “I have faith in Christ, but. . . ”

What that simple word has cost them.  A simple three letter word is all that stood between them and this fate.  “I have faith in Christ, but he will not come for the church until they are purged”.  “I have faith in Christ, but there is no evidence in the Bible that we will be saved from the tribulation”.  “Christ can save his people, but not until after they have been refined”.  Now, there is one final “but” that they cannot shake.

“I believe in Christ, but not enough to step out in faith”.  “I believe in Christ, but what if I am wrong and he does not come back?”  “I believe in Christ, but what if 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10 is wrong?”

“For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.”

“I believe in Christ, but what if people mock me for faith in the rapture?”

As each rapture arc rips through the monuments of our civilization these monuments shall fall.  No tall building that endures even one such arc can stand.  The heat alone that rips through the steel and conductive materials of the building will instantly super-heat every metallic surface.  Between the instantaneous melting of the complete steel skeleton of the building and the force of the arc going to ground through every wall, floor and structure in its path the building shall be instantly obliterated – along with anybody still alive inside.

Those in vehicles such as cars, trains and airplanes will be instantly annihilated as the vehicle likewise disintegrates.  Those that should be caught aboard large ships shall suffer a slower fate.  As believers are ripped from the ship it will burst into a cascade of fire and explosions.  If but a single believer should be taken from a ship the scene would be as that of war.  Let your mind harken back to the days of Nazi U-Boats patrolling the Atlantic and the single deadly torpedo strike.

Those that survive unto the sinking of the ship shall not be rescued.  There shall be few vessels of the sea that survive this onslaught – at least vessels that sail under the flag of any nation once deemed Christian.

Every great navy of the Western world shall perish in a single stroke.

Every great city of the Western world shall fall.  Some shall be literally wiped from the face of the earth.

To the eye of the unbeliever these things shall resemble every image they ever imagined concerning the hostile advance of an alien civilization.  The single point in all the heavens by which this “assault upon all the earth” emerged will seem as though we have fallen under fury of an advanced intelligence.  Those alive upon the earth in the aftermath will see the dead in both Christian and non-Christian alike.  The abundance of the church that did not overcome and believers that scoffed at the promise of his return shall give weight to the denial of the rapture.  The bodies of dead believers that turned from Christ and lacked the full faith in his salvation confirm this deception.  However, in these days there shall be little that care of such things.  For in these days man will cry out simply to survive.  There shall be little thought of anything else upon the minds of surviving humanity.

Then there is the massive global earthquake.  There has never been a first resurrection of prophetic implication that has occurred absent an earthquake.  Upon the death and resurrection of Christ there was an earthquake.  Every instance of the first resurrection in the Book of Revelation has an earthquake.

This time, there are multiplied billions of believers literally ripped from the ground and from all places that their remains reside.  The release of energy at the atomic level is nearly beyond comprehension.  The force with which the nearly instantaneous release of electrons into the ground, sky and sea will force all the earth to tremble.  The very mountains shall be moved from their places.

The second wave will snatch and transform the living believers with a force of energy that dwarfs the first wave.  The effect will be no less than the total annihilation of the most Christian nations.  The semi-Christian nations of Western Europe will fair somewhat better as they will at least resemble their former selves.  They will be in ruins but they will survive – for now.  Their days are numbered and they shall be called into account soon enough.

The United States of America will cease to exist.  Her military will be virtually extinct due to the high concentrations of believers that fill her ranks.  Those that are not taken will suffer the same fates as the cities – save one exception:  they shall endure the net effect of the rapture arcs upon the many weapons of war in their possession.  That includes the complete and total devastation of the nuclear arsenal from the silo stored missiles to the ballistic missile attack subs.  Every nuclear reactor in the possession of the U.S. Navy shall share its radioactive offerings.  For that matter, nearly every civilian reactor shall do the same as well.

If it has an overcomer manning the controls when the rapture comes, it will not survive – and neither will anybody within a close proximity.

As large swaths of the United States are annihilated, what remains will struggle to restore civilization to the pockets of survivors in the many rural enclaves of the nation.  Those that manage to survive the cities will now rage for food and life.

Mexico, Central America and many parts of heavily Christianized South America will suffer similar fates as the U.S.  Canada will likewise suffer, though not to the degree of the other nations in the New World.  Her vast expanses of lightly populated wilderness will provide a possible short term refuge.

For all intents and purposes the New World is now extinct – from a practical world stage standpoint.

Much of Europe is now fallen.  While the nations of Western Europe suffer similar fates as the U.S., it will not be to the degree of the U.S.  The recent history of denying the Gospel of Christ has left Western Europe devoid of the strong body of believers it once possessed.  When this is combined with the willful disregard of the growing Islamic threat we have a powder keg the likes of which was never imagined.  More on this in a moment.

Russia and China fare far “better”.  While each contains a growing contingent of believers, it has never been to the compliment of Western Europe or the New World.  Both nations will be poised to recover quickly.

The continent of Africa will feel little effect from the rapture storm as the ratio of population to unpopulated areas is quite vast.  The more populous nations of North Africa will be somewhat effected as there are contingents of believers, yet they are not enough to amount to any substantial damage.

The Islamic nations of the Middle East will be virtually untouched by the rapture storm.  They will believe this to be a sign from Allah that their time has come.  They will proclaim the judgment of Allah upon the great Satan and all that stand with her.  Then, they shall turn their attentions to Israel very quickly.  Within a few short days, they will sit ready to advance on the Holy Land.

Israel will sustain damage in the rapture.  It will not be the degree of the United States or Europe, but it will be quite enough to cripple them, especially militarily.  This too will be seen as a sign to the nations of Islam.  They will see that Israel is now truly alone.  The United States is no more and Western Europe holds no true military power now.  Russia will agree, and China will turn aside from the scene to come.

In one swift stroke the armies of Islam and Russia come against an isolated and weakened Israel.

Whether or not this begins with the minor conflicts and prophecies of Isaiah I do not know.  As of this writing these minor conflict have not yet begun.  Damascus still stands, Jordan still possesses her kingdom and Egypt still remains neutral with Israel.  However, whether these are witnessed prior to the rapture or after the result will be the same – Ezekiel 38 and 39.

This conflict shall come very quickly upon Israel.  She will have but days after the rapture before this unfolds.  Very quickly it shall conclude with the supernatural annihilation of the armies of Allah that march on Jerusalem.

What happens immediately after the rapture is straight from the pages of the worst horror books ever penned.

Wrought with a demonic rage, the adherents of Islam shall rise in murderous revolt.  Every nation upon the earth that allowed the tide of extremist Muslim terrorists to flow unchecked now reap the folly of their “tolerance”.

Those that believed in gun control as the policy of the “enlightened” are exterminated by an enemy that favors the blade as the instrument of conversion – though at first any weapon will do.  Across the whole of Western Europe the headless, burned and bullet riddled  corpses of those that did not bow before Allah shall litter the streets.  The blood shall never be washed away by human hands.  Multiplied millions of lifeless, headless bodies shall rot in the streets of the west.  There shall be no road not stained by the blood of those that resisted – not one.

Ironically, the only nation that shall offer any resistance is the shell once known as the United States of America.  The divine gift of the Second Amendment now comes to full blossom.  This shall start the tide of war in the lower 48 that shall run until the bitter end of sorrows.

Then shall the hearts of men fail.

So shall come the Antichrist and he shall offer security.

This is the nature of the things the Lord has shown to me.

even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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