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This is the electronic resource project for Tribulation Rising.  From here, you will be able to access all available electronic formats for greater ease of study.

This resource provides a downloadable format for printing the individual projects at your discretion.  Each project can be downloaded for the creation of a print version study guide, and for inclusion in rapture ready notebooks and resources for those left behind.

The PDF version also utilizes page numbering, which further aids in research.  The individual projects can be quite lengthy.  A numbering system will add a high degree of convenience to future reference and study.  You can download and print entire projects, or a few pages at a time.  The choice is yours!

Any additional projects will be included in the media and download center as well.

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Here is the PDF of the publish version of “The Devil’s Body Count” now on Kindle, and coming soon to ITunes and paperback!

This is the actual book version!

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“In Defense of the Rapture” is a massive textbook on the rapture.  It combines the 10 primary project pages on the rapture, and combines them into a single resource.

It is one of the most comprehensive resources on the rapture that has ever been printed.  It is over 400 hundred 8.5 X 11 pages and delves into the deepest insights you will ever read.

Amazon retails “In Defense of the Rapture” at $86.99 – the lowest possible price that Amazon will permit for a resource of this size and volume.

Here is the link to “In Defense of the Rapture” on Amazon:

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Here is the link to “The Devil’s Body Count” available on Amazon and ITunes:

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Here is the link to the first edition of “Tribulation Rising” for Kindle:

Tribulation Rising – Amazon Kindle Version*


Click on the link to go to the Christian Ethereal Library for a best collection of downloadable classic works of the faith:

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Click on the link to the Fordham University Internet History Sourcebooks Project:

Fordham University Sourcebooks Project

Click on the link to download a PDF of the Early Christian Fathers:

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 1

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 2

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 3

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 4

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 5

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 6

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 7

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 8

Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume 9

Link to Anti-Nicene Father Volume 10 -Bibliographic Synopsis; General Index:

Click here to download the complete works of Josephus:

Josephus – Complete Works

Click on the link to download Alfred Edersheim’s expert work on the Temple:

The Temple – Its Ministry and Services

Click on the link to download a PDF of Vine’s Expository Dictionary:

Vines Expositary Dictionary of OT and NT Words

Click on the link to download a PDF of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance:

Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Greek

Click on the link to download a PDF of Eastons Bible Dictionary:

Eastons Bible Dictionary

Click on the link to download a PDF of the Textus Receptus New Testament:

TR Stephanus

Click on the link to download a PDF of the Byzantine Greek New Testament:

BGNT 2014

Click on the link to download a PDF of the Polyglot Apostolic New Testament Bible:

Apostolic Bible Polyglot – New Testament

Click on the link to download a PDF of Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible:

Young’s Literal Translation

Link to Biblehub Online interlinear Bible:

Link to the Codex Sinaiticus Online:

Codex Sinaiticus


* The PDF’s below and the current project pages contain the updated Tribulation Rising projects.

** The PDF below and the current project page contain the updated Coming Signs project.

Here are the PDF downloads for all of the Tribulation Rising projects.   They are listed in category order, dealing with the various aspects connected to the tribulation time period.

Not included in these downloads are the image library, copyright and permissions, bibliography and works cited, and “How the End Came – A Running Narrative” – which may be added later.


Tribulation Rising:

The Tribulation is Rising

Introduction -The Tribulation

A Message of Warning to the Biblical Scholar

The Vision of the Things to Come


The Rapture:

A Conversation from the King James…

What will the Rapture Look Like

Unity – Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 Combined

Matthew 24 and the Rapture

Scriptural Evidence of a Pre-tribulation Rapture

The Rapture Bombshell in 2 Thessalonians

Is the 7th Trumpet of Revelation the Last Trump of the Rapture

John, Angels, andMartyrs – Final Proof of the Pre-Trib Rapture

Does Counted Worthy to Escape Prove the Rapture

Common Sense – The Bride of Christ

The Case for the Pre-Trib Rapture, Part One

The Case for the Pre-Trib Rapture, Part Two

The Case for the Pre-Trib Rapture, Part Three


The Tribulation Period:

The Order of Events Before the Tribulation

Order of Judgments in the First 42 Months of theT ribulation

Order of Judgments in the Second 42 Months of the Tribulation

Order of Resurrections, Martyrdom and Judgments

Politics and War – the Exploits of the Antichrist and Rise to Power, Part 1

Politics and War – the Exploits of the Antichrist and Rise to Power, Part 2

The Characteristics of the Antichrist

The exploits and calling of the Two Witnesses

Horrors Beyond Reckoning – The Coming Desolation of the Temple


The Timing of the Tribulation:

Time, Times, and a Dividing of Times – the Timing of the Tribulation

Biblical Proof of a Seven Year Tribulation 

Joel and the Combined Signs in the Heavens

How the Tribulation Starts – Joel and the Timing of the End

How Much Time is Left


Critical Issues for Overcoming:

A Conversation with a False Prophet

Can Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter?

Does the New Testament Require Tithing from the Church

Hearing the Voice of the Lord – Am I Being Punished by God?

Who was the Jesus that Hung on the Cross


Warnings for the End Times:

Final Evacuation Orders to the Overcomer

Mystery Babylon – the False Prophet and America

The Great Falling Away and Lots Wife


Final Warnings to Believers: 

The Final Warning

The Devil’s Body Count


Salvation and Overcoming:

How Can I Be Saved

The Rapture and Overcoming – Am I Ready and Worthy


This was an article on the Papal visit to the United States in September 2015, and the prophetic significance:

Prophetic Significance of the Papal Visit


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